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Tool Tip: Recipe Software with Nutrition Analysis

For three years, I've been using software called AccuChef for nutrition analysis. (It's got many other features but nutrition analysis is what keeps me a power user.) I've tried others but always come back to it.

You can enter your own recipes but it's especially convenient to import recipes from other sources (click File / Import Wizard). A trial copy allows 60 uses, then it's only $20. I've had a couple of technical issues, both were answered promptly/helpfully.


Do you know the difference between Accuchef and Cook'n? I bought it awhile ago and saw that it had nutritional information along with the recipe organizer. I've always wondered what software had the best information.

I found Cook'n here:

Where's the best place to find Accuchef?

Hi Dave ~ I looked at/tried several packages a few years ago and settled on Accuchef as most flexible for my purposes (easy import facilities, easy to add ingredients for nutrition analysis, easy to do what-if analysis). Since then, I've tried no others. Click the link above for more information about Accuchef.

Hi Allana, I am interested in Accuchef, having had bad experiences with other software. Does the data base really contain most ingredients? Can you add a specific item, such as Pacific organic chicken broth?

Hi Susan ~ My understanding is that all the programs use the same database at their core, the USDA database. But yes, you can add your own ingredients, I do it all the time. If you do that, I'd recommend putting them together in one place so they're easier to find. I do this by placing my initials in front of every new ingredient I add, putting them at the head of the alphabetical list.

does this software have the capability of printing a label to stick on a cafeteria product

I'm not sure, Kathy. If you send an inquiry however, you'll get a response, at least I have on a couple of occasions.

Living Cookbook is another program that does nutritional analysis. I have also used MasterCook but I stuck with Living Cookbook because of its meal planning features and it runs on Vista.

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