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Tool Tip: Box Grater

There on the bottom, that's my long-time favorite flat grater, an old faithful.

But when the stars aligned - that is, when Cook's Illustrated highly rated a $25 box grater and when I ran across a $6 version - I decided to give the box version a whirl.

Easier to grate bigger batches.
Collects grated material inside so easier to measure.

Takes up a lot of room in the dishwasher.
Harder to grate things straight into the mixing bowl.

Net: I'll keep the flat grater for regular use, due to a perpetually full dishwasher. But I'll hang onto the box grater, too, since it will be handy on occasion and cupboard space isn't a problem!

2007 Update: I haven't used Old Faithful in forever. Hmm. I'm not even sure where Old Faithful is.


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