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Veggie Posts of the Week #37

Many thanks (again) to JenGray for her photo, this time the cross-stitch from her Gram's apron.

It's that time again, the vegetable-centric posts from other food bloggers / home cooks.

This week, the focus is on vegetable dishes for the Six O'Clock Scramble, weary from work, trying to put supper on the table in a few minutes, hungry kids waiting in the wing.

From the Accidental Hedonist, a lofty-sounding Spinaci alla Piemonte, really just spinach with a secret ingredient

From the Amateur Gourmet, a quick-to-the-table summer squash and corn pasta

From the Bacon Show, which to my surprise features one vegetable recipe after another, a quick skillet toss of red cabbage and fixin's including bacon, natch

From My Adventures in the Breadbox, a lovely garden minestrone with summer squash, zucchini, carrot, corn and spinach too

And for nights when there's time for the oven:

From Though Small, It Is Tasty, a sweet potato and spinach and egg "tian" (a new word for me, the Epicurious dictionary says it's a 'French word describing a shallow, earthenware casserole, as well as the food that it contains. A tian can be any of various dishes, but originally referred to a Provencal dish of gratineed mixed vegetables'.)


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