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Calling Vegetarians! Calling Vegetable Lovers!

(Many thanks to Brian Naughton for Tomato Republic, his photo oh so evocative of stars on a flag field. Vegetable-wise, it'll have to keep us happy for six more months, until real-life tomatoes are worth eating again!)
  • Are you the author of a vegetarian or vegan food blog?
  • Or the author of a food blog that features vegetarian or vegan dishes occasionally?
  • Or are you a carnivore who regularly writes about vegetables?
  • Does your blog have an easy-to-find category for vegetarian dishes? or vegetables? or salads?
  • And everyone, where do you turn for meatless inspiration -- favorite blogs? websites? cookbooks?
I'm building a resource site -- here at The Veggie Evangelist -- with lists of vegetarian and vegan blogs along with what I call 'veggie-loving' sites, that is, bloggers who write regularly though not exclusively about vegetables.

Just click on through, then leave a comment in the appropriate list. I'd love to hear from you -- and, hint, hint, doing so could be fruitful, er, I mean, veggie-ful.


Mahanandi is a food blog that does vegan food...esp.Indian

sorry didnt give the link to it

the moosewood cookbooks, rebar cookbook and vegetarian comfort food by jennifer warren are some of my faves. i also love the vegan postpunk kitchen:

Hi Kickpleat -- GREAT suggestions. I've added both the cookbooks to my Wish List on Amazon. Their "used" prices have stayed strong, a real testament to their staying power. Thanks MUCH! Loved your roasted vegetable pasta post today, too! Alanna

I frequent the following two blogs that post a lot of indian vegetarian dishes...

Be sure to include The Post-Punk Kitchen!

Well heck, I'm a mostly vegetarian, so we have a lot of veggie friendly fare at Too Many Chefs.


Thanks for the link! Great resource!

I have a vegetarian section in my recipes menu at Cooking with Amy. That makes it super easy to find veg recipes.

Is chocolate a vegetable?

I've been tagging all my candy reviews with Fair Trade, Kosher and Organic when possible. I think I can add vegan in there (I've been thinking about it but I'm unsure of where some vegans draw the line with processed sugar). I guess the biggest thing to tag would be gelatin, as it's the only animal (non-dairy) item I've seen used in candy.

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