Kitchen Parade Extra: Blueberry Galette ◄

Happy Birthday to my Dad, who turns x0 next week!

No, x0 is no typo. And x0 is an apt age, yes? for a much-loved father of a daughter perennially 29?!

Dad's "birthday pie in the sky" is this wonderful blueberry galette, a quick dessert all dressed up in a fancy name -- and this week's Kitchen Parade column.

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Ok, I am going to try one more time to leave you my broccoli rabe recipe:

Penne with Sausage, Garbanzos, and Broccoli Rabe

Happy Birthday to your dad!

Sucess. Just one more of many things you've taught me!

Happy birthday to your dad-that looks delicious!

Happy Birthday to one lucky Dad! My sister-in-law usually makes me a blueberry for my b-day. This sounds so good.

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