Day 362: Roasted Pepper & Hummus Sandwiches ◄ | A Veggie Venture: Day 362: Roasted Pepper & Hummus Sandwiches ◄

Day 362: Roasted Pepper & Hummus Sandwiches ◄

If you spend two hours roasting peppers, they're worth more than one vegetable post, right? OK OK, I'm milking the peppers, no doubt.

But after oberving all the chickpea-mashing going on in the food blog world, I decided to match up leftover roasted peppers and 28 Cook's Thai basil hummus for an easy weekend lunch. (Like hummus? You and the whole world! It's here on BlogHer.)

Twas tasty!

FROM THE ARCHIVES ... In case you wondered, yep, the Recipe Box.
has vegetable sandwich ideas.

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Sounds awesome! Glad you enjoyed the Thai Basil hummus!

Love the sound of this.

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