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Kitchen Parade Extra: Hot Cross Buns

Just in time for Good Friday and the Easter weekend: hot cross buns, redolent with spices. Are the ingredients waiting in your pantry? I'm willing to bet but check for yourself.

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I just peeked in your recipe! You've been doing a lot of cooking! Keep up the wonderful work!

I just love hot cross buns! Those look adorable ... I can almost smell them too!

these look very tempting - just how I remember them.

Alanna - happy Easter to you! And hope to see you making pasha next year:)

What a wonderful site! I'm definitely in love with vegetables and have been writing veg. cookbooks for years.These days, I'm having a lot of fun in the blogosphere, connecting with other veggie fanatics. Glad to know you're out there...

Ooh! Great minds think alike. I didn't even see yours before I posted mine. Happy Easter, Alanna.

Congratulations ! Alanna
keep going for another 365 days

Ohh...the hot cross buns look great.

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