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Kitchen Parade Extra: Plant Sale Soup ♥

Have you planted herbs yet? It's time! Even if only a pot of chive, do!

This week's Kitchen Parade recipe is called Plant Sale Soup -- that's because a local reader makes a big pot every year to sustain the volunteers at her Herb Society's annual sale. I'll definitely be in attendance tomorrow.

This hearty, heart-warming soup is my contribution to Weekend Herb Blogging at Kalyn's Kitchen.

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The soup looks great. I wish I was going to a plant sale right now! I'm a little behind on planting my gardent his year, but soon I hope.

That soup does look good! And I am also jealous of the plant sale...maybe next weekend I'll get on that herb garden.

Ahh--I love soup like that. It looks so soothing. Thanks for reminding me--I do need to go plant some herbs and get my beans in the ground!

My chives are up from the root, about a foot tall already. The thing grows like bamboo!

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