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Something New!

Never miss a recipe! Now A Veggie Venture's vegetable inspiration is just a few quick clicks away ...
  • Convenient delivery right to your e-mail inbox ... just add your e-mail address to the box at the top right (also available for Kitchen Parade ... )
  • Automatic display on your Google home page or Google Reader ... just scroll down the sidebar to Subscription Tools, click the Google logo (coming soon to Kitchen Parade)
  • Instant notification and viewing via Bloglines, My Yahoo, My AOL or another favorite news reader ... just scroll down the sidebar to Subscription Tools, clickon the orange doo-hickie for all the options (coming soon to Kitchen Parade)
Questions about how all this works? Just leave a comment ... ever whether it's okay to comment? It's not just okay, it's appreciated ... learn more here.

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Look how high tech you are becoming!

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