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Parade-Day Gin & Tonics ♥

Have for one for me, Rass!Come mid morning today, the 4th of July, people will begin to gather along the eight or so blocks of Main Street of a certain small town of a certain northern state for the annual parade.

And on a certain corner midway between the Old Depot and the new hospital, a certain family friend will pour his parade-day specialty for all who dare, wicked-strong gin & tonics with cucumber stirs.

(Yes, the cucumber stirs qualify as a 'vegetable' today. Do I get extra credit that it's a Japanese cucumber from an American farmer who's been growing organic vegetables for 30 years? Let's hope!)

And a certain northern soul shall miss it all (including the post-parade fresh walleye in the town park, the Uffda Tacos from one of the food vendors, the cake walk hosted by the Congregational church, the $4 pig roast at the Legion, the homemade pie at the VF, the fireworks over the bay at 10:30) for the first time in, well, years and years ... except in spirit.

Happy 4th of July to small towns with big spirits
and big towns with home-town spirit ...

that is, Happy 4th of July, to all


Have a great celebration, Alanna!
You know, I've never had a g&t in my life - the few sips I've tried don't count. It's an aquired bitter taste, I suspect, and I'm still haven't reached that stage yet:)

PS You could also serve Bloody Marys - they've got tomatoes AND a celery stick, so double the vegetables! ;)

Hey Alanna, Have a great celebration: nothing more refreshing than a G&T. Have never heard of cucumber stirs - we go in for a slice of lime. But then I'd never heard of green cherry tomatoes in potato vodka martinis either till I visited Boston: brilliant.
Do visit my blog - - and read my entry about a great veggie lunch (March 07) which might excite your tastebuds! Lucy

How refreshing -- I also like to serve spiked lemonade in martini glasses with sugared rims.

Happy 4th of July!

The traditional drink of the British Empire served on the 4th of July. Your family friend sounds like a hoot. G&T is my favorite. Hope you're having a grand day wherever you are.

Alanna...could you email me the name of that town...and maybe the address where the cucumber G&T's are served? I don't want to miss it next year!

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