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Kitchen Parade Extra: Raspberry Morning Cake

No veggies today!

Instead, try this simple raspberry cake. It's perfect for Mother's Day and is featured in this week's Kitchen Parade column.

Looking for more food inspiration for Mother's Day ... breakfast in bed? a family dinner? both?!

The Kitchen Parade Recipe Box has many recipes perfect for Mother's Day celebrations.

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Wow, Alanna!

What a beautiful cake. And I agree it is perfect for a special occasion like Mother's Day!


That looks delicious. I always keep bags of frozen raspberries on hand. They're great to bake with, in a pinch, they make good jam.

This just sounds too delicious not to make!

This sounds scrumptiously simple--and looks divine! Thanks and Happy Mother's Day to you (critters count). : )

Now see, here's the problem with this cake. My mother, may she rest in peace, has already passed away. I'm awake at 4am my time thinking "I have raspberries in the freezer. I could make this cake in honor of her." Sounds nice, right? And then I would eat it not only for breakfast but all day long...until it's gone...and I wouldn't let my husband have any because I didn't particularly like his mother all that much, or rather she didn't like me all that much but that's an issue I'll take up with my therapist...and after all that yummy cake and repressed mother frustration, tomorrow morning I'd find my bathroom scale hiding from me in the dryer.

You see my problem when you post gooey yummy looking cake recipes like this?

Hey, all! Yes this one's a winner in the "easy and delicious" category. And Glenna, your "stand-up comment" routine is always welcome here! And I think it'd be a lovely tribute to your mother, yes ... maybe I will too.

That cake sounds awesome!

Looks delicious, Alanna!

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