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Lemon Mint Cucumber Water ♥

Refreshing drink, a switch from 'just water, please'One of the basic tenets of Weight Watchers is to make sure to get enough to drink. So I make it a habit when I take a five-minute move-a-bit break every hour or so, to drink a glass of water. The tap water here is good so there's no need to 'doctor' it except for a little variation. And I'm liking this water -- just slices of lemon and cucumber and mint -- but some times, just cucumber too.

FROM THE ARCHIVES Drinks are rare here -- we need to fix that! My favorite is the cucumber lemonade served when Nupur of One Hot Stove and her husband visited for the first time while on a house-hunting trip. There are piles of cucumber recipes in the Recipe Box.

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Hands-on time: 5 minutes
Time to table: 5 minutes (flavor deepens over time, of course)
Serves thirsty souls!

1/4 a cucumber, sliced thin
a lemon, sliced thin
sprigs of mint
2 quarts water

Add cucumber, lemon and mint in a pitcher. Fill with water. Enjoy!

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Sounds intriguing . . . . and what a WITTY post!

Lovely picture...looks so refreshing :) And I still remember the unique taste of that cucumber lemonade!

What an interesting twist on flavoured water. Thanks for sharing Alanna.

I 'discovered' flavoured waters in one of the Edinburgh venues, the Villager, couple of years ago. Since then I've been trying several versions, and my long-time favourite is cucumber, lime and mint/basil. I think it's a colour thing:)
Great and refreshing photo indeed!

I used to constantly drink water but seem to have got out of the habit recently. This ought to help! It sounds so refreshing.

Adanna ~ Hello to my witty sister!

Nupur ~ Hmm, yes, must make some now!

Cynthia ~ Who knew water could be so interesting?! That said, I grew up in a house with its own well and wonderful water - the first thing I do when I get home is pour a big glass and down it.

Pille ~ Love the lime addition!

Wendy ~ It helps to mix things up a bit, yes? Hope this inspires you!

Try adding fresh ginger as well. Adds even more flavor and plenty of extra health benfits!

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