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Free Icons for Bloggers: Let's Celebrate Fresh & Local Produce!

One of four icons for bloggers, here in 400pxFinally! The advent of spring may mean cherry blossoms in Washington but for vegetable lovers, it's the return of fresh, local produce that stirs our spoons.

So I commissioned some icons to help myself -- and my fellow bloggers -- showcase fresh vegetables and fruits whether from farmers markets, a CSA, a you-pick farm, even our own gardens. (Sound familiar? Who remembers Blush the Sweet Tomato?)

For produce from a u-pick or other farm, here in 400pxSo yes, fellow bloggers, you are invited to use these icons in your own blogs in posts and places that feature fresh and local produce. Together, let's help spread the word about the many sources of fresh and healthful produce.

Each icon comes in 400px, 125px and 100px sizes. You're free to use one or more of the icons as you see fit: in posts; in sidebars; to link to a list of your own favorite farmers markets; to link to Local Harvest or your own CSA -- anything creative you come up with that's related to fresh, local produce.

For produce our own gardens, here in 400pxUse them once, use them a hundred times, it's up to you. Me, I plan to insert the icons into my post template so they're automatically added to posts that feature vegetables from my favorite farmers market or fresh herbs from my own garden.

These icons are my gift to the food blog community so they are "free" for all bloggers to use. But when you use an icon for the first time, I would appreciate your linking to A Veggie Venture.

If you're not a blogger and are interested in the icon, please contact me to request permission. I've never said "no"!

For produce your CSA, here in 400pxCOPY INSTRUCTIONS To copy any icon to use on your own site, (1) right click an icon image in the size you'd like to use, (2) click Save As to save the image on your own computer, (3) then upload to your site as normal. No hot linking, please!

Once you're using the icon, if you'd like others to know, feel free to leave a comment with a link to your blog, below. Use this code, {a href="InsertYourBlogURLHere"}InsertYourBlogNameHere{/a}, replacing the { and } with <>. Be sure to tell everyone how you're using the icon -- creative ideas are encouraged!

Here are a few blogs using the logos:

And if you like, wish A Veggie Venture a Happy 3rd Anniversary! Yes, indeed, this vegetable recipe food blog celebrates its birthday on April 1. (Want to know more about A Veggie Venture?)

Many thanks to Heather from Goofy Girl Designs for creating this year's logos!

Here in 125px

Here in 100px

Here in 125px

Here in 100px

For produce our own gardens, here in 125px

For produce our own gardens, here in 100px

Here in 125px

Here in 100px

A Veggie Venture is home of the Veggie Evangelist Alanna Kellogg and vegetable inspiration from Asparagus to Zucchini. © Copyright 2008


Happy Birthday, Veggie Venture! And wishing you many many more.
Thanks for the icons, Alanna. They are ever so cute.

Hi Alanna,

I have enjoyed the Veggie Venture very much! I stumbled upon it while looking up WW recipes, signed up for the daily blog, and have been having fun ever since! Keep up the great work! Thanks!

Three years?! Gosh, Alanna, that is an amazing achievement. A Veggie Venture sets the standard very high for food blogging, and for healthy eating. Thanks for all you've done for the food blog community.

Thanks, Alanna! I'm looking forward to using these icons almost as much as I'm looking forward to the fresh produce from the Farmer's Market and my CSA.

I'm planning to write a post about the first GA strawberries, which are coming in my CSA order on Friday. (!!) Thanks for the symbol to use. :D

Yay! I really enjoyed adding Blush to my posts last year. Now I can't wait to use these new icons! I've signed up for a CSA this year and I can't wait until the Farmer's Market opens. Thanks for giving me another great icon to use in my recipe and la vida local posts!

I love the ones you picked, Alanna!

Three Years! Happy Blog-Birthday!

Congratulations and best wishes on three years of great veggie recipes. Cute icons, and I can't wait for fresh produce.

Congratulations! You have been a beacon of encouragement. Thanks for the icons. I'm going to insert my to my side bar right now :)

Happy blog anniversary! The new icons are lovely! I'm posting some now...

Well done you!!

Will out up the icons and a link!

Perfect, as I'm just on my way to the farm market! Happy anniversary, dear!

can non-bloggers use the icons for avatars?

Anonymous ~ No, the icons are not intended for use as avatars by anyone, bloggers or non-bloggers.

Hi Alanna,
I just stumbled upon your lovely blog searching for WW vegetable recipes! What an amazing resource you have here. Can't wait to spend more time reading thru the archives. I wrote a post about your blog & added your icon to my blog. Thanks so much.

Thank you for offering these icons. I'm using both the my garden and farmers market on my sidebar, and when I do a posting on my blog regarding one or the other, I'll include the icon.

Thanks for posting the icons. I grabbed one for my blog which has been focused on the Farmer's Market all summer.

Sandwichmom's Blog

I publish a list of what I bought, and then maybe a hint as to what I am going to do with all that stuff!

Hi Alanna. Any chance you'll be doing icons again this year? I love using them during the growing season when I post about local food, my CSA shares and delicious recipes I whip up using finds from the farmers' market. Unfortunately, I'm not creative enough to make them myself.

As always, I love reading your recipes. Thanks for sharing all that you do!

Hi Ami, Thanks for the nice words! I completely forgot about this. Let me see if I can dream something up!


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