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Brussels sprouts are some times erroneously called "brussel" sprouts: just remember the Belgian city of Brussels, that's the right word, that's the right spelling. Some people call Brussels sprouts "baby cabbages" because they do belong to the cabbage family and indeed do resemble miniature cabbages. The "cousins" in the cabbage are kale, collards, kohlrabi, broccoli and cauliflower. Here in the Midwest where Brussels sprouts are grown only on small farms, the growing season is "late summer and early fall". Still we've come to think of Brussels sprouts as a "winter vegetable", thanks to a long growing season and imports: California Brussels sprouts are available June through January, Mexico Brussels sprouts December through June. HOW MANY PER POUND? There are about 50 tiny sprouts in a pound, only 17 - 20 large ones in a pound. HOW TO CHOOSE BRUSSELS SPROUTS Brussels sprouts are usually displayed in a big pile. The sprouts should be firm and compact, the leaves still tightly wrapped around the core. If the outer leaves and stem end are a little yellow, don't worry, you'll trim those off before cooking. Many recipes specify "tiny" Brussels sprouts. What's more important is purchase Brussels sprouts about the same size, either small or large, so they will cook evenly. WHAT ABOUT THOSE ALIEN-APPEARING STALKS? Grocery stores have taken to putting out the entire stalk of Brussels sprouts. Yes, this is how Brussels sprouts grow, buds on a heavy stalk. But what in heck do you do with that?! Just snap off a few sprouts at their bases from the stalk, choosing ones about the same size. If you're in a rush, don't worry, the ones already snapped off are only a few minutes off the stalk. WHY DO SOME PEOPLE NOT LIKE BRUSSELS SPROUTS? People who don't like Brussels sprouts aren't just "picky eaters"! It's not a matter of taste but chemicals called glucosinolates. But there's an easy way to alleviate the chemical reaction that causes such distaste. If someone in your family is hesitant, resistant or outright militant in opposition to Brussels sprouts, there are two tricks. First, break up the center of the sprouts by cutting them in half through the core, you can even cut out the core with a V" cut. Second, to leach out the chemicals, cook the Brussels sprouts in a big pot of well-salted water. AL DENTE or NOT? Brussels sprouts can be eaten raw or cooked within an inch of burning. At the moment, Brussels sprouts are the darlings of the chef world, where they are undercooked barely cooked and still very firm. FROZEN BRUSSELS SPROUTS I have no luck with frozen Brussels sprouts, better to stick with fresh. The weird thing? About 80 percent of the crop is sold frozen, not fresh.


Four Ways to Cut Brussels Sprouts, depending on how they'll be cooked
(with step-by-step photos and recipe recommendations for each cut)
How to cut an X in Brussels sprouts for cooking whole
How to remove the cores and squeeze for cooking halves
How to use a food processor for slicing
How to use a mandoline for slicing
How to cook just the leaves
How to eat raw Brussels sprouts

How to boil in water
How to steam in a vegetable basket
How to sauté in a skillet
How to roast in the oven
How to "roast" in a skillet
How to "cook" in lemon juice

Kitchen Parade recipes
Bodacious Brussels Sprouts

A Veggie Venture recipes
Creamy Brussels Sprouts Gratin
Fast Pan-Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Kitchen Parade recipes
Marinated Brussels Sprouts

A Veggie Venture recipes
Fast Pan-Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Raw Brussels Sprouts Salad
Roasted Brussels Sprouts

BEST Brussels Sprouts Recipes for WEIGHT WATCHERS
Brussels Sprouts Dijon
Lemony Creamy Brussels Sprouts

What's your favorite recipe for Brussels sprouts? or what Brussels sprouts recipe did you hope to find here? I'm always looking for new ones, especially healthy Brussels sprouts recipes. Leave me a quick note in the comments! ~Alanna

Brussels Sprouts in HOT SIDE DISHES
Kitchen Parade recipes
Bodacious Brussels Sprouts

A Veggie Venture recipes
Braised Brussels Sprouts 15min/30min – WW2/WW1 – NetCarb8
Brussels Sprouts Dijon 20min/30min – WW1 – NetCarb7/3
Brussels Sprouts with Apricot Glaze 25min/35min – WW2 – NetCarb24
Brussels Sprouts with Horseradish Sauce 15min/25min – WW1/WW2 – NetCarb7/NetCarb8
Brussels Sprouts with Lemon & Parmesan 10min/25min – WW0
Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta & Garlic 35min/35min – WW1/WW2 – NetCarb7
Brussels Sprouts with Maple & Walnut Vinaigrette 15min/30min – WW0/WW1/WW4 – NetCarb5/3/15
Creamy Brussels Sprouts Gratin 30min/60min – WW4 – NetCarb11
Fast Pan-Roasted Brussels Sprouts 15min/20min – WW1 – NetCarb7
Golden Beets with Brussels Sprouts 25min/25min – WW1 – NetCarb5
Lemony Creamy Brussels Sprouts 25min/25min – WW1 – NetCarb6
Lemony Leaves of Love 25min/40min – WW2 – NetCarb8
Roasted Brussels Sprouts 10-20min/40-50min – WW1/WW2 – NetCarb6
Shredded Brussels Sprouts 25min/35min – WW2/4 – NetCarb9/10
Wine-Glazed Brussels Sprouts 10min/30min – WW1 – NetCarb11

Kitchen Parade recipes
Marinated Brussels Sprouts

A Veggie Venture recipes
Raw Brussels Sprouts Salad 20min/24hrs – WW3 – PP3 – NetCarb5

Brussels Sprouts in PICKLES
Kitchen Parade recipes
Marinated Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts RAW
A Veggie Venture recipes
Raw Brussels Sprouts Salad 20min/24hrs – WW3 – PP3 – NetCarb5

Brussels Sprouts on the GRILL
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Brussels Sprouts in the MICROWAVE
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Brussels Sprouts in the SLOW COOKER
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