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Home Delivery via E-mail Subscriptions

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Ah, we all love the convenience of home-delivered pizza. Now "home delivery" is available for vegetable recipes from A Veggie Venture too! Just sign up for an e-mail subscription. Once your address is confirmed, every time a new recipe is posted online (usually once a week, some times less), you'll be the first to receive a preview, right in your very own In Box. And unlike pizza, an e-mail subscription is free and has zero calories! :-)

Option #1 – Recipes delivered via e-mail 1 - 2 hours after being published online. Subscribe to A Veggie Venture via FeedBurner, part of the Google machine.

Option #2 – Recipes delivered via e-mail just minutes after being published online. Subscribe to A Veggie Venture via Feedblitz, a small private company.

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ – With both Option #1 and Option #2, a minute or two after you've submitted your e-mail address, you will receive a follow-up e-mail asking you to activate your subscription. You MUST activate your subscription, otherwise, you won't receive new recipes in the mail and there is nothing I can do on my end. If you don't find the request to activate message in your In Box after a minute or two, check your spam folder to see if was diverted there. If it's not there, press Send/Receive (or however you tell your e-mail application to check if there are new messages).

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I get recipes from A Veggie Venture via email? A. It's easy! Just opt-in by providing your email address to either FeedBurner or Feedblitz.

Q. What if I want to cancel the subscription? A. Gulp. I'll miss you! But it's easy to opt-out too, at the bottom of each e-mail message is a link where you may unsubscribe.

Q. Are you going to sell or give my e-mail address to someone else who will trash my In Box with spam? A. Absolutely not. You have my word.

Q. But what about the e-mail companies, FeedBurner and Feedblitz? Aren't they going to start using my address to sell other things? A. Absolutely not. Both FeedBurner and Feedblitz are reputable organizations with real people who support them.

Q. What about an e-mail subscription to Kitchen Parade? A. I'm so glad you asked! Here's information about a Kitchen Parade e-mail subscription!

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I just want to change my email address. It would be nice if I could do that without unsubscribing first. :)

Hi Jenn, Thanks for the feedback, I wish I could do it for you. It's how the FeedBurner system from Google works now. But let me pass along your feedback to a Google Customer group I'm part of, who knows, it could make a difference! PS Thanks for continuing to subscribe, even if less convenient than we might want. :-)

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