Win Big with O Olive Oil During November! | A Veggie Venture: Win Big with O Olive Oil During November!

Win Big with O Olive Oil During November!

Especially for the readers of A Veggie Venture, the good folks at O Olive Oil are offering three great ways to experience hand-crafted citrus-crushed olive oils and premium barrel-aged wine vinegars.

Special offers from O Olive Oil, especially for readers of A Veggie VentureThese are truly gorgeous olive oils and vinegars. During taste tests last summer, my nephew -- a teenager! -- declared, "We could drink this!"

He was right -- and food professionals and others agree -- which makes me extra-pleased to offer three great ways for readers to experience such immensely satisfying olive oils and wine vinegars.

Why am I doing this? It's my small way during the season of Thanksgiving (don't miss this year's Thanksgiving vegetable recipes!) to thank readers, for trusting in me, for encouraging me, for sending favorite recipes, for inviting me into their kitchens. Plus, it's no secret that I believe that learning how to make homemade salad dressing is a healthful and frugal habit for families and individuals both. If good olive oils and good vinegars are the inspiration, lovely!


Win a Two-Bottle 'Natural Box' from O Olive Oil

Every 50 comments -- people, these are good odds! -- someone will win a Natural Box from O Olive Oil, the winner's choice of seven oil and vinegar combinations. What will it be, Tahitian Lime Olive Oil with Sherry Vinegar? or something else?! You decide!
To enter to win, leave a comment below: share which Natural Box oil and vinegar combination most appeals and how you'd use it. Simple or creative, you decide!
IMPORTANT -- for your comment to be eligible, you MUST leave your e-mail address in the comment. I promise, I won't sell the address or use it except to contact you about winning. To protect your address from spammers, feel free to code your address so it looks something like alanna AT kitchen HYPHEN parade DOT com. I'll figure it out, the spam computers won't.
Only one comment per e-mail address per 50 comments. Duplicates will be discarded. Comments without e-mail addresses will be discarded.
Comments will be approved as they're left so may take time to appear online, especially overnight.
Winners will be announced and notified following each batch of 50. So check back, especially because readers are welcome to enter more than once, so long as no more than one comment per e-mail address is received within each group of 50 comments.
A single e-mail address may win only one Natural Box.
No purchase necessary to win.

Win a Case(!) of Olive Oils and Vinegars from O Olive Oil

Oh my, the generosity of the people at O Olive Oil! Win a case -- an entire case, that's a dozen bottles -- of assorted olive oils and wine vinegars.
More than that, there are two grand prizes, thus two lucky winners, each will win a case of olive oils and vinegars from O Olive Oil.
Here's the good news -- all readers with active e-mail subscriptions on November 29th are automatically eligible to win the grand prizes. (Why? Because I recognize that e-mail readers are a little shy about leaving comments. That's okay, I still want to say 'thank you' for being such faithful readers!)
New e-mail subscribers between November 1 and November 29 are automatically eligible to win, with two entries, not just one. (Here's how to sign up for a free e-mail subscription.)
Every eligible comment (from above, for the Salad-Lover Prizes) is automatically entered to win the Grand Prizes.
The Grand Prize winners will be announced on Sunday, November 30th.
No purchase necessary to win.

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Use a 15 percent discount on all O Olive Oil purchases between November 1 and November 30th, 2008. Just click the image below to place your order.
When asked, enter the coupon code 'veggie' (without the quotes) for the discount to be applied.


November 5 (1-50) -- congratulations to esther DOT wieringa AT gmail DOT com, you've won the first Natural Box from O Olive Oil! Look for an e-mail from me shortly. (Thanks to my Twitter friends who shot me their favorite numbers which I then averaged with a wild card from

November 12 (51-100) -- congratulations to angelack AT hotmail DOT DO T com, you've won the second Natural Box from O Olive Oil!

November 21 (101-150) -- congratulations to Katy from Silly Tater Tot, the third Natural Box winner! Katy's profile says she's a future lottery winner, so this is a good start! She also made me so pleased, when she responded, "How exciting -- I read your blog every day ... sometimes multiple times a day! In fact, I was just on trying to find uses for the cardoon that I picked up on a whim. :)"

November 30 (151-200) -- congratulations to Sarah from the Finnish blog Get Palmd for winning the fourth Natural Box from O Olive Oil. She must be living right because she just won something else, too!

And now for the grand prizes! I'm awaiting word back from these lucky winners!

Congratulations to Roberta from Michigan, an e-mail reader

Congratulations to Audrey from Ohio, an e-mail reader

Thanks, All!

Here at A Veggie Venture, vegetables are the real stars of the Thanksgiving table. So watch for new Thanksgiving recipes all November long, new additions to my collection of Thanksgiving vegetable recipes. Whether it's 2006's famous World's Best Green Bean Casserole or 2007's favorite Cauliflower Cream or a brand-new recipe which catches your fancy, this year, move vegetables to your center stage.
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The Cassis and Blood Orange combo really appeals to me. I looked through all the combinations, and while they all sound wonderful, I keep coming back to the Blood Orange. Maybe it's because Blood Oranges make me think of Italy. My email address is franw66 AT aol (dot) com.

O Clementine Olive Oil and O White Balsamic Vinegar would be delicious in a variation of your bok choy salad! My email is hanniluvsu (at) gmail (dot) com

I think I'd be a fan of the meyer and pinot combo. I adore lemon-flavored oils -- they brighten up everything. I would probably use the oil on a chicken that I roasted with halved lemons in the cavity, and then would combine the vinegar and oil to make a dressing for some nice greens -- maybe arugula? genie AT theinadvertentgardener (dot) com

Wow, the Tahitian Lime Olive Oil and Pomegranate Vinegar combination sounds absolutely amazing... I was thinking it'd be a great salad dressing for a salad I made recently: mixed mizuna, romaine, and beet greens with avocado, chickpeas, toasted walnuts, and pomegranate seeds.

My email address is alythea at Thanks!

The O Meyer and O Pinot looks great. I think it'd be great in salads and sauces, or anytime I'm looking for something extra special in an oil or vinegar. My email address is Ryan (dot) Becker AT gmail (dot) com.

Champagne and Meyer would be my choice. I would put it on top of a simple salad of romaine lettuce, red onion rings, homemade croutons, egg and fresh Parmesan wafers. My email address is mindyloo1 at hotmail (dot) com.

Which one do I like? OMG - all of them! I guess I would like to try the Clementine and balsamic white vinegar first. But they all look sooo good!

email is: dpahl158403MI @

Choose a favorite? This is a tough assignment! I was originally going to go with the Cassis and Blood Orange, but I find the the Clementine and While Balsamic makes my inner chef jump for joy. And thanks for all the great recipes!
SparklyShiny AT crackberry DOT com.

O Tahitian Lime Olive Oil and O Pomegranate Vinegar sounds fabulous. It just sounds like a great combination that could be creatively used, especially with salads.

just.7.kelly (a) gmail dot com

Definitely impossible to choose! I think I'd start with the Cassis and Blood Orange. I'm not huge on greens, but I think they'd go well in a salmon marinade. Email is amy AT greenspeardesign (dot) com.

Mmm...meyer lemon and pinot noir, please! That sounds delicious! emilysbarrett AT hotmail DOT com

I'd have to go for the lime and pom, given all the Moroccan cooking I've been doing lately! All of the combos look very interesting, especially for marinades. My email is lydia AT ninecooks DOT com.

A very hard decision as they ALL sound wonderful. But if I have to pick one I'll go for the Lime & Pomegranate. My email is clamamato (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Hope I can win!!! (and I totally just wrote the word WINE)

KathEats at Gmail dot com

Yum! Champagne and Meyer Lemon. I've always wanted to try the Champagne vinegar. I think they would make an interesting salad topping. I'm sure I'd find other creative ideas.

agrovemiller AT gmail DOT com

Port vinegar drizzled over spicy salad greens with walnuts, pears and blue cheese....YUM!

The cassis and blood orange one sounds amazing! It would be a great cupcake combination! stef at cupcakeproject dot com

I'd go for the cassis and blood orange combination! I'd probably use it on some smoked fish before tossing with some greens and pine nuts with roasted garlic and sun-dried tomatoes, but that's just me! My email is

I would definitely go with the Meyer and Pinot! This would be delicious on sprinkled on a salad with some fresh herbs scattered about.

I did forget my email!!!

Judy AT nofearentertaining DOT com

So sorry!

They all sound great, but I think I'd like the zin and clementine combo. If it's good for blue cheese, I might use it to make some stuffed mushrooms ... mmmm .... My email address is cblinton at swbell dot net. Thank you!

Wow. These all sound great, but I'd say that the champagne & lemon sounds the best!

Sounding My Barbaric Gulp
kelly AT barbaricgulp DOT com

Oh my goodness, the Meyer lemon olive oil sounds fabulous. If tomatoes were still in season we would drizzle some over our homegrown heirloom tomatoes and add a little feta. My email is andreasrecipes AT gmail DOT com.

Wow, great contest!

The Meyer & Pinot sounds best to me - two very classical flavors that I could easily combine with a myriad of other flavors, separately or together.

One thing I would definitely do with them is an orange salad - oranges, red onions, salt and lots of black pepper, and these two of course.

My e-mail: esther DOT wieringa AT gmail DOT com (I do hope this contest is international!)

the champ and meye box sounds great- we could probably eat it on anything! my email is lindap ermann AT hotmail DOT om.

The O Lime and O Pomegranate looks divine and exotic. I think it would be really fun to craft a yummy salad with those fun and unique flavors! I also think they would be fun to cook with--I think the combo of sweet and tangy is awesome.

I'm shabadeux AT gmail DOT com!

Definitely the cassis and blood orange first. Or lime and pom... Or... I don't know! They all sound good!

jeanv THE_AT_SYMBOL mahnas PERIOD com

Boy. Hmmmm. That's a toughie. The Meyer and Pinot appeals to me the most. Like Genie, I would use it with my roasted lemon chicken and veggies. Use this email address: dartbitch1121 AT yahoo DOT com. Thanks Alanna!

I'd like to try the O Tahitian Lime Olive Oil and O Pomegranate Vinegar, cause it appears very appealing to me. Thanks

juan_hurrican (at) yahoo (dot) com

The Meyer & Pinot sounds amazing!!

BethBader AT gmail DOT com

These all sound so wonderful my head is spinning with all the yummy things I could create! I think I would most like the O Meyer Lemon Olive Oil and O Pinot Noir Vinegar the most though. That oil sounds like it would be fantastic on just some plain pasta with a bit of basil and parm cheese. And I love oil and vinegar on my salad so this would be an awesome combo! laurendscalf AT gmail DOT com

The Lime and Pomegranate combination sounds wonderful. I just bought some greens at a farmer's market that *finally* came to my neighborhood and the lime and pomegranate would be perfect on it.

suz (at) crazychica (dot) com

Oh wow, what a great contest! I would love to win any of their natural selections, but if I have to choose one, I am going with Champagne and Meyer Lemon.

kitchengadgetgirls AT gmail DOT com

The O Tahitian Lime OO and O Pomegranate duo sounds wonderful with endless culinary possibilities.
My e-mail is leaderx1 (at) aol (dot) com

Sorry for the previous comments with no address. Here's my third and final attempt:
I would love the Champagne Vinegar and Meyer Lemon Olive oil.
mamanprincess at yahoo dot com


I've been thinking about smoking a duck for Thanksgiving - the O Cassis Vinegar and O Blood Orange Olive Oil would be stunning on a lime and pecan smoked duck with sauerkraut dressing!



j ward art @ aol dot com
a writer's blog

That lime and pom combination sounds exquisite. I would love to try the roasted chicken salad in the description. Just reading it made my mouth water!
My email is MyOwnSweetThyme AT gmail DOT com.

The Lime and Pom combination sounds heavenly. I'm thinking a dressing for bulgur salad, maybe with pecans and dried cranberries...Thanks for the great giveaway!

jgbeads AT gmail DOT com

wow what a cool giveaway! i'd love to try the lime and pom with some baked chicken or cornish hens..i bet its mmmm !!! heaven!

my address is xoeskie1 AT gmail DOT com

The O Tahitian Lime Olive Oil and O Pomegranate Vinegar sound great.

re_re_98 @ yahoo (dot) com

The Tahitian Lime Olive Oil and Pomegranate Vinegar combination sounds delicious. I eat mixed greens almost everyday and I have a feeling this is something I could get hooked on. Thanks for the giveaway!

Lime & Pom all the way... scclough (at) gmail (dot) com

DD & I love to experiment with new olive oils.

I would love to try the Lime and Pom with chicken!

kelli at pfrog dot net

The O tahitian lime olive oil sounds wonderful. I can think of so many things I can use it with! The O pomegranate vinegar sounds so good too. I think the combination of the two would be awesome on a salad, or to dip sourdough bread in.

brookeaheaton [AT] hotmail {DOT} com

I would pick the O Clementine Olive Oil and O White Balsamic Vinegar to create delicious citrus balsamic vinegrette salad dressings. YUM! laura 519 at hotmail dot com

I would choose O Zinfandel Vinegar and O Clementine Olive Oil. As to how I would use them? I would haul them out when friends come over so they can see how FANCY I am!


O Tahitian Lime Olive Oil and O Pomegranate Vinegar- I'd use it for a nice mandarin orange salad with chicken, yummy!

unforgetable_dreamer_always (at)hotmail (dot)com

I think my top choice would be the clementine and balsamic white vinegar. Honestly, I am such a foodie that I can only eat salad at home if it is awesome and store bought dressings kill me. I think I would also try it with some simple/quick pastas! chornerdevine AT gmail DOT com

I would love to try the O Cassis Vinegar and O Blood Orange Olive Oil. WOW doesn't that sound heavenly! I would use it on duck as soon as I got it!

newmommyin08 AT

Oooh, I'd pick the Clem and White and we're heavily into foccacia bread these days, so I'd just soak it up with a loaf of homemade bread.

pezdispenser at telus dot net

Clementine olive oil and O white balsamic vinegar - this sounds wonderful to me. I use my white wine vinegar all the time and to be able to pair it with the flavored olive oil would be divine. dmhh53 AT yahoo dot com.

I love pomegranate and I would be over the moon about the lime and pom.
msgb245 at

Yay -- we've reached the first 50! I'll be announcing a winner shortly!

The Champagne Vinegar and Meyer Lemon Olive Oil sounds like a dream. My email address is erin @ erincooks (dot) com

I think the Cassis would be amazing with fish or salad. All great though!

WOW! WOW! WOW!!!! This is awesome! This sure beats the store brand Balasmic Vinegar we normally buy. LOL!!!

The O champagne and O meyer Vinegars sound great! I would love to use them on salads, to mix with beets (we LOVE vinegar on beets!), and I'm thinking maybe marinating chicken and/or beef in it too. YUMMY!!!!!!!

I am also an e-mail subscriber.

Thanks to you for hosting the contest and thanks to O Olive Oil for their very generous giveaway!!!

HunnyV "at" Optonline "dot" net

I'm going to go with Lime and Pom, it just sounds good and looks pretty too!

leechrista @

I'd pick the citrus champagne vinegar with the Tahitian Lime Olive Oil. They sound great over a simple salad. Thanks for the chance!

treflea4 at gmail dot com

I would love the lime olive oil and pom vinegar, please :)

mamanprincess at yahoo dot com

The Lime and Pom looks perfect for a spinach and strawberry salad. Thanks.

patricia (dot) sikora (at) gmail (dot ) com

I am tord between the Cassis Vinegar and Blood Orange Olive Oil set, or the Champagne Vineger and Meyer Lemon Olive Oil set! The first would be amazing with turkey dishes, the second with chicken!

urchiken at gmail dot com

Oh, I have to go with the clementine and white balsamic... mainly because I aboslutely love balsamic vinegar on my spinash salads! jeepcutie82 at msn dot com

Oh, these are delicious combinations, and healthy, too! Or at least that's what I'm telling myself, because they all sound so delicious. So my favorite is the O Meyer Lemon Olive Oil and O Pinot Noir Vinegar combination, because who doesn't like Pinot Noir? Plus they just look so pretty in box. Thanks for running this contest--I just subscribed through Feedburner, too!

vbruss AT cfl DOT rr DOT com

The O clementine and O white balsamic sounds yummy, but it was a hard decision! I would use the them for salad dressings, marinating chicken breasts (I'm always looking for new ways with chicken), and for drizzling over fish.
aleach6179 AT gmail DOT com

The O meyer and O pinot sounds the best.


O Cassis drizzled on fruit salad.

tombhamilton AT gmail DOT com

I would love the O clementine and O white balsamic! It would be perfect for my salads! All of the combination's looks great and was hard to choose.

Champagne Vinegar and O Meyer Lemon Olive Oil--that sounds DIVINE for a salad dressing! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

ignoramoose (at) gmail (dot) com

O pomegranate champagne vinegar is the one for me. And you know, I would set it on a shelf or windowsill to decorate with. It's just that cool looking!

bettinawellmaker at gmail dot com

Wow, mouth actually started to water while looking at the site. I would like the Jalapeño Lime Oil with the Citrus Champagne vinegar.


Frankly, my palate isn't sophisticated enough to imagine what some of those combos would be like, but I kept coming back to Tahitian Lime and Pomegranate. Tart and sweet would be a wonderful combination for grilled chicken and veggie kabobs! sunny(underscore)cerveza AT yahoo DOT com

I was raised in a meat,potatoes, and casserole kind of family, so I've only lately began experimenting with vinegar & olive oil. My favorite so far is to mix a little pesto into the oil and combine it with balsamic vinegar as a simple dip for bread... As I read your descriptions, however, I realize that I obviously need to broaden my horizons!

kitchener AT angieandjim DOT com

Wow what a prize! I love the O lime and O pomegranate set. dcala AT optonline DOT net

I would like to be in for the 2nd set of 50 comments too!!

Definitely the cassis and blood orange are my favorite! THANKS!!

newmommyin08 @ yahoo . com

I looked through all the selections (all of which I would love to try) and think my first pick would be O meyer and O pinot.
I'd love to try a seafood recipe maybe lobster with them.

I can't think of one I wouldn't want to use.... Blood orange is to die for with salmon....YUMMMMMM


I think Champ and Meyer sounds good! But then again, they all do!

(I accidently pushed send before I'd finished!)
The clem and white and lime and pom both look scrumptious! I'd like to drizzle them over roasted veggies--roasted acorn squash is a new favorite.
parknj at basicisp dot net

love to try the oporto and blood orange. I'm thinking grilled chicken, mixed greens, beets, red onion and orange segments, with a delicious vinaigrette.
emal: aileennadeau at mac dot com

The lime and pomegranate combination sounds amazing and would be perfect for my favorite spinach, pomegranate, and pine nut salad!

The Meyer lemon oil used as a dipping oil for freshly baked bread.

All of the vinegars! I vinegar, it can be used everywhere, a lot like wine, it makes most things taste better.

MomsSundayCafe at gmail dot com

O Zinfandel Vinegar and O Clementine Olive Oil sounds like a terrific accompaniment to a Caesar Salad with O Clementine Olive Oil, O Zinfandel Vinegar a crusty chunk of Terranova Italian Bread with a glass of, you guessed it, Red Zinfandel. My email is jerryantic (at) optonline (dot) net

O Zinfandel Vinegar and O Clementine Olive Oil sounds fabulous with a nice romaine salad with goat cheese, pecans and pears. Oh yum.

My email is redsecretagent (at) gmail (dot) com.

I'm in again. I just watched Jamie Oliver making an apricot, honey and sage topping for pork chops. It was splashed with O Olive oil and vinegar. I'm thinking it would go well with the ambrosial description of the Clem and White box.

Email - MyOwnSweetThyme AT gmail (dot) com

Sorry for the duplicate. I forgot my email on the previous entry.

angelack at hotmail dot com

I would love to try the O cassis and O blood on some salmon.

I'd go for the cassis & blood orange combo. It sounds like a great drink, doesn't it?

saundrascarce AT gmail

Meyer & Pinot

salad and bread and herbs and steak!

and i would would somehow work it into my famous mac n cheese!

karissag at gmail dot com

Champagne and Meyer would be great for me over a salad of mixed field greens, pear, gorgonzola and toasted walnuts.
Address is kilrhillAThughesDOTnet

These all sound amazing. I'm leaning towards:

O cassis and O blood or O lime and O pomegranate (maybe the pomegranate one is the one I'd like to try the most)

This would make a wonderful dressing for fresh greens and feta cheese.

Maybe I'll win the grand prize and get to try them all.

I'm heading off to subscribe.

lacelk [at] sbcglobal [dot] net

I love, love, love O Olive Oil! He blood orange Olive oil is my favorite. My husband jokes that I do shots of it. Seriously, if you haven't tried it - you must. I love the white balsamic and the pomegranate vinegars - heck I love it all!
I drizzle them over everything -
But my favorite is a simple tossed salad, with orange segments, Blood orange olive oil and a splash of white balsamic. yum.
I'm christine AT colormepink DOT com

The lime and pom sound good. I would put it on salad. amy at superhealthykids dot com. Thanks for doing this giveaway! Sounds fantastic. Also, so happy to meet you this weekend.

Champagne and Meyer Lemon? Yummy! But how could I choose between that and Cassis and Blood Orange? Both would make such delicious salad dressings, or marinades for fresh fish. They really sound great! My address is jennifer at redshift (dot) com

The O Tahitian Lime Olive Oil and O Pomegranate Vinegar sound great.

grouseridge at xplornet dot com

I'd go for O Meyer Lemon Olive Oil and O Pinot Noir Vinegar- yummmy!

oreo89 [at] gmail [dot] com

zinfandel and clementime - yum! actually, i won't lie, they all look good... :)


(I forgot to include my E-mail address!) I'de go with the Lime and Pomegranate and the first thing I'de make is roasted chicken salad with almonds and feta, just like they suggest!

I love the O lime and O pomegranate choice. I think it would be a great marinade for chicken. Also wonderful for a quick sauce on baked fish with a little lime pepper.

skylergrotz at hotmail dot com

Lime and Pom would be my choice! I just discovered the joy of pomegranates so this flavor really appeals to me. I'm still working my way up to being a creative cook, but for now I would use it to make homemade salad dressing. I think the tart/sweet combo on a baby spinach salad would be divine!

My email is amykhughes at yahoo dot com

I use these oils frequently - they are the best - and i love absolutely love them.

Hooray -- watch for an announcement about the second winner!

Everyone's now welcome to enter again!

I am entering again because I would absolutely be thrilled to win. The Cassis and Blood Orange sounds divine!!

newmommyin08 AT yahoo DOT com

Yes, I'm entering again because that Meyer lemon oil sounds wonderful! :-)

andreasrecipes AT gmail DOT com

Ooooh, baby. I'd get the champ and meyer, and I'd probably just dress my whole body and lick it.

kbestoliver (at) yahoo (dot) com

They all look good! I am a huge fan of the O Meyer oil with baby field greens. I think the Meyer and Pinot Noir combination would be interesting. I'd probably experiment with the Pinot Noir vinegar as a steak marinade.

TheDiva AT thedivaofdining (dot) com

I would still love to have the lime and pom to try on roasted chicken with feta salads. Sounds amazing. My email - MyOwnSweetThyme AT

the cassis adn blood orange would be fabulous on a shrimp salad. nothing beats a vinegar and oil combo for salad dressing- and blood orange sounds yummy! my email is heather (dot) austin (at) hotmail (dot) com

I would love the Tahitian Lime and Champagne Vinegar, please :)

mamanprincess at yahoo dot com

MMM... Meyer Lemon and Pinot Noir sounds lovely!

I'd make a nice late fall California salad, with arugula and sliced persimmon, fresh walnuts, and creamy blue cheese. Maybe saute a little chicken and shred it, then toss it all with a lovely dressing (meyer lemon olive oil, pinot noir vinegar, some minced garlic or shallots, a little diced persimmon, maybe a little honey). Serve it all with a big hunk of crusty bread to soak up what's left in the bowl when the salad is gone.

libbyslawson (at) gmail (dot) com

This comment has been removed by the author.

O Tahitian Lime Olive Oil and O Pomegranate Vinegar sounds AMAZING! Mmmm I'm getting hungry.
kotharil at gmail dot com

(sing it with me now)

O . . . . mercy mercy me

reading that list of flavors makes me drool!

But the clementine and white balsamic vinegar would top my list.

Our CSA has been doing a fall share of just gorgeous tender salad mix. I've been topping it with goat cheese or blue cheese crumbles, glazed walnuts, and the tail end of the Ya Ya dried Michigan cherries.


madaus at mac dot com

clem and white or champ and meyer would be my choices, although the descriptions all sound delicious!
My email is
limar082002 at cox dot net

I was commenting on an older post about beets (your index of vegetable recipes is great, Alanna! I don't know if we thank you enough for putting it together...) and saw the notice about the contest. Am I really eligible, even though I live in Canada? Just in case I am:

For me, it would be a toss up between either one with the meyer lemon olive oil:

O Meyer Lemon Olive Oil and O Pinot Noir Vinegar

O Champagne Vinegar and O Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

We were given a bottle of meyer lemon olive oil this summer and I have drizzling just a little just before serving on top of pasta. The first time it was with broccoli, onions, brown mustard seeds, chili flakes and grilled chicken. The other night the pasta was tossed with sauteed beets, onions, chili flakes, fennel seed, dill weed, cider vinegar and goat cheese.

It's wonderful to get the taste of lemon every so often! It really does hold up!

I would think that either the pinot noir vinegar OR the champagne vinegar would work easily as well (if not better) than cider vinegar in beets.

e j m [at] e t h e r w o r k [dot] n e t

Yes, Elizabeth, Canadians are eligible. In fact, our first winner is from Belgium!

If I was to win, I would let the people at O Olive Oil choose for me. I like surprises! Thank you for all the recipes and suggestions. My email is tmlarsen1 AT comcast DOT net.

Hi, Alanna, I enjoy all the recipes.

My choice would be O Clementine Olive Oil and O White Balsamic Vinegar.

I make a Greens Potato Salad that is very heavy on the greens and light on the potatoes. After peeling the potatoes I'd splash them with the vinegar while they were still warm and let them soak up the essence, then dress the greens with the oil and vinegar then mix in the taters, taste and adjust.

Happy veggies.

Mary at Meet God in the Kitchen dot com.

The champ and meyer has my eye today. Actually I've been eyeing this oil in Whole Foods for some time so I may use the lovely coupon to buy the Blood Orange for my mother for Christmas. Such lovely bottles also! Thanks for all your recipes. There are some I make over and over and over.

basura at lobuglio dot org

Okay, I wasn't sure if I should enter because I realize people know we're friends and it might look bad if I was the winner. But now that there have been two winners, can I just say that I WANT this olive oil! I think I'd go with Meyer lemon and Pinot for my choice.

kalynskitchen (at) comcast (dot) net

The Zin and Clementine sound fabulous, and i think i would use them on a roasted fennel salad...
By the way, as a vegetarian I love your site and appreciate your enthusiasm for seasonal eats!

email is audra (dot) webber AT gmail (dot) com

cassis and blood orange, because I want to use it on the next salmon my son pulls out of the river!

lyn2007 at att dot net

The lem and pom sounds perfect to me -- maybe drizzled over some roasted fennel or sweet potatoes?

kwidrick AT gmail (dot) com

The O Cassis and O Blood look appealing too, as a vinaigrette for a fresh baby spinach, avocado and shaved parmesan salad.

email is kilrhill AT hughes (dot) net

The champagne vinegar and meyer lemon olive oil is for me-I've recently discovered my love for everything lemon so lemon olive oil would would be delicious on everything! I love the fresh taste. My email address is amnapier86 AT gmail DOT com

I think that the O Cassis Vinegar and O Blood Orange Olive Oil sounds super! My email is
Thank You!! :)

The lime and pom combo looks so inviting, but I think my favorite is the Sherry vinegar with the Lime Olive Oil. What a way to wake up a bored stir fry recipe! My email is momsworking01 (at) Yahoo (dot) com.


AWESOME! This looks like I can fill most of my Christmas gift list. NOW TO DECIDE HOW MANY OF THEM I NEED!Correction; how many I MUST have! Thanks for sharing!

Hard to make a choice - they all sound yummy...but I think the clementine oil with the white balsalmic would be delicious.

The Clem oil and white balsamic has me craving a salad!

I'd love the Zinfandel-Clementine. I'd marinate some halloumi cheese in the oil and vinegar, grill it, and serve sprinkled with orange or lemon zest.

I would love, love, love the O Clementine Olive oil and the O White Balsamic Vinegar. I could create lots more yummy meals for my blog and my family. :)

My email is mdwyer1970 at hotmail dot com .

O Cassis Vinegar and O Blood Orange Olive Oil.
heatherjciras at gmail dot com

Oh, how to choose among such delicious pairings! I think I will have to go with the Cassis & Blood Orange. Cassis is such a grown-up taste & anything orange sends me back to my childhood in a 50's Phoenix orange grove - pure paradise!
Green Blessings,
desert _ encelia AT verizon DOT com

O Tahitian Lime Olive Oil and O Pomegranate Vinegar
It would be so much fun to try something I would normally be a little afraid to pick up :)

My email is jtabacca at hotm ail dot com

Tahitian lime!

That sounds fabulous! Thanks, Alanna!

I have used the O Meyer and O Pinot on lettuce from my CSA and guests declared it the best salad they had ever eaten. Great products! susanbrussell AT yahoo DOT com.

I'm dying for the Clem and White...
"Irresistible over baby lettuces, sliced Asian pears, crumbled blue cheese and toasted walnuts." They're describing the salad of my dreams!

janinehaugh [at] gmail (dot) com

oops I forgot my address!


O cassis and O blood

Oh, what a joy to try these!!!! But honestly, I'd love to try any of their combos. What a great gift idea!

lynnodum at

O zinfandel and O clementine

I looovvveee the O Zinfandel vinegar - one of the best on the market and it would be interesting to try it with the O Clementine oil...

My email is kem44 AT comcast DOT net

I still think the cassis and blood orange or lime and pom are the best. Hoping I win!!

jeanv THE_AT_SYMBOL mahnas PERIOD com

This is a wonderful gift idea! I keep looking at the lime and pomegranate package. I don't know yet what I'd do with them, but I think I'd have some wonderful salads. Thanks for the opportunity.
My email is: ben and me at mindspring dot com

I'm somewhat new to this whole online world of food. I'm still trying to put my mind around blogging and what a foodie is. I guess I could describe myself as a foodette. Anyway, I find that I'm always surprised at how different olive oils and balsamic vinegars are from one another. The lemon flavored oil that Genie mentioned sounds like I should try it. It’s been a lot of fun taste testing. My favorite way to enjoy is nothing fancy I just like dipping good bread in both of them. deb, my e-mail is drlord@sbcglobal (dot) net.

I think the clem and white sounds scrumtious! I'd like to roast some veggies in it--sweet potato sounds good.
parknj at basicisp dot net


Apparently one of the things that got past the sister is remembering to enter this contest. Luckily for me, my sister is very good with gentle reminders.

I think the olive oil with lime sounds perfect for a cilanto-heavy salad, one of my favorites.

adanna UNDERSCORE kellogg AT yahoo DOT com

Sorry,I just realized I just posted and forgot to put my email. I think the lime and pom sounds great.
my email is bonnietg64atyahoodotcom

My choice would be the Clementine and White Balsamic Vinegar...YUM-MY! momscrzr at cfl dot rr dot com

Yay! I get another chance! I still want to try the Cassis and Blood Orange combo. My email address is franw66 AT aol (dot) com.

I think I'd like to try the lime & pom combo on a salad with mixed baby greens, avocado, and shrimp.

Email: emily AT emilyskinner DOT com.

That's a wrap, O Olive Oil fans! We've just completed the most recent round of 50 so if you've entered before, you are welcome to enter again. I'll announce the next winner in the morning, I'm off to make, um, would you believe, salad?

I would love to try the Lime and Pomegranate. I would love to just dot the croutons with both and then, as you serve a romaine salad with strawberries, blueberries, pine nuts and with some crumbled blue cheese, splash a bit more onto the salad itself. Then top with the 'dotted' croutons. Add a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds. Mmmmmmm.
Cait Johnson
dragonflycait AT yahoo DOT com

Lime oil with white balsamic vinegar over buffalo mozarella, tomatoes and basill or as a dip for Tuscan bread
monahal77 at comcast dot net

I would love to use flavored olive oil to make my mixed olive tapenade!

Tiffany Miller

O Meyer Lemon Olive Oil and O Pinot Noir Vinegar

sounds heavenly on ANYTHING green!

lgalou13 at

O Cassis and O Blood Orange. Wow! I loved the suggestion of serving them over salmon, my favorite fish. But they *all* sound fantastic! alison AT wholesomegoodness DOT com

Darlene @
Can't choose just one, I lost 50 pounds and these products helped me enjoy every taste.

The Meyer and Pinot sounds so nummy. I would love to try the Meyer in my potatoes Au Gratin! and use them both to liven up a chicken chop salad.
duckykramp AT gmail DOT com

Meyer and Pinot sounds great to me! Use dartbitch1121 AT yahoo DOT com. Thanks Alanna!

I would drizzle a vinaigrette of - O Champagne Vinegar and O Meyer Lemon Olive Oil - over broiled (or grilled) fish - probably tuna.



kristine.m.bryant AT gmail DOT com

The Sherry & Lime combo would be delicious on a asian-style noodle salad. I recently discovered green tea udon noodles and they are my new favorite pasta!

-Emily (emily AT emilyskinner DOT com)

I would love to have some tahitian lime olive oil with champagne vinegar to use in salad dressings...and maybe to dip fresh bread into :)

mamanprincess at yahoo dot com

I'm still hoping for lime and pom. I think it would be great with a roasted turkey salad.

MyOwnSweetThyme AT gmail DOT com

I think I'd have to go with the Meyer Lemon Olive Oil and Pinot Noir Vinegar. They sound delicious, and I can imagine a variety of salad dressings coming from them. My email is bobmac1 at cox dot net.

I have been using O Olive Oils and Vinegars for a few years now. There are so many possibilities in combination with vinegars and oils. Each and every salad, recipe is decadent. My favourite are baby lettuces, sliced Asian pears, crumbled blue cheese and toasted walnuts drizzled with Clementine Oil and White Balsamic Vinegar. I live in Canada and order from their website regularly. Matter of fact, I'm giving various combinations of oils and vinegars as Christmas gifts this year. What better way to explore gourmet oils and vinegars.

We recently made a wonderful salad with red leaf lettuce, thinly sliced oven dried pears, toasted pine nuts, shaved parmesan and a very very simple warm vinaigrette (olive oil, bacon, red wine vinegar, garlic, mustard, salt, pepper) Even though it was absolutely delicious with the red wine vinegar, I'm thinking champagne vinegar would have worked very well with the pears.

So for this round, I'm going to choose

O Champagne Vinegar and O Meyer Lemon Olive Oil


P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA!

Ooops!!! I forgot to add my email address!

(O Champagne Vinegar and O Meyer Lemon Olive Oil)

e j m [at] e t h e r w o r k [dot] n e t

Just joined a month or so ago.So impressed with recipes and products. All so new, I like the best comment about "drinking it" First try would be Tahitian Lime and Pomegranate, but all would be in line. E-mail

I'm really excited about this blog. I think i'd like to try the lime and pom combo, as I've never had the chance to try such a thing and it sounds delicious! I'd probably just put it on whatever it sounded nice with until I hit upon the perfect mix. melissa(dot)merrill(dot)lee ATgmail(dot)com

This is my first visit to your site and tomorrow I am going to try your green bean casserole and braised collard greens to take to a thanksgiving dinner i have been invited to by my friends Mel and Joyce in Boston. I was so excited to see a new collard green recipe without meat! Thank you for your beautiful recipes.

Wow! They all sound tremendous. But I would like the Tahitian Lime oil and Pomegranate vinegar combination and use it for basting fresh salmon on the grill, with the lime oil used when making white rice. That meal would sing on my plate. My email is bobemajor ( at) hotmail (dot) com

I love the idea of Yuzu Rice Vinegar paired with Meyer Lemon Olive Oil as a light and flavorful dressing over my beautiful organic baby romaine that I'm about to harvest tomorrow before the snow arrives Sunday.

I think Champ and Meyer. I would use this, among other things, on my salads--which I eat lots of!

Olive Oil
O tahitian lime olive oil :-)

I'd pick Cassis and Blood and I'd dress some simple salads with finishing salt atop.

l o t s w i f e @ g m a i l . c o m

O gift tubes in black white
Also available in the following designs: silver, orange, red or blue.

Are great for giving oil and not worrying about how to package it.

I really love the traditional evo.

I'm in again for lime and pomegranate... yummy yummy.

kotharil at gmail

I love the blood orange oil that I already won. Would also love to try the lime and pomegranite.

angelack at hotmail dot com

I would love the O Cassis Vinegar and O Blood Orange Olive Oil to put over a Wild Alaskan Salmon dish

jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

What sounds scintillatingly delightful to me is a combination the O blood orange olive oil and the O Cassis Vinegar. I'd create a Fennel-Spiced Wild Salmon delectably grilled and infused with this delicious oil and vinegar!!! YUMMY! : )))

Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


needed to add that my address is


the o lime and O white balsamic would be delicious on so many of my vegetarian dishes. The tofu would really blossom with those flavors!!

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I am so jealous of all the winners! CONGRATS!!