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Free Icon for Bloggers: Fresh from the Farmers Market

A quick way to identify farmers market finds, here in 400pxTwo or three or more times a week, I trek to the farmers market. Here in St. Louis, that means any one of my favorite farmers markets.

To encourage all of us to seek out fresh produce from our hometown farmers markets, I commissioned an icon to help showcase fresh vegetables and fruits -- Meet Blush, the Sweet Tomato! -- and invite my fellow bloggers to adopt the icon, too.

[Many thanks to the talented Jeannette of Matchbox Creative aka Kickpleat from Everybody Likes Sandwiches for designing the icon. We all should blush as prettily as Blush!]

Here in 125pxSo yes, fellow bloggers, you are invited to use the icon in posts and places that feature fresh produce and other farmers market finds. Use it once, use it a hundred times, it's up to you.

It comes in a 400px, 125px and 100px sizes. You're free to use the icon as you see fit: in posts, in a sidebar, to link to a list of your own favorite farmers markets, anything creative you come up with that's related to farmers markets. Me, I plan to insert the icon into my Blogger template so that it's easy to add to every post when featuring farmers market vegetables.

"Blush the Sweet Tomato" icon is my gift to the food blog community, so it is "free" for all bloggers to use. But when you use the icon for the first time, I would appreciate your linking to A Veggie Venture. If you're not a blogger and are interested in the icon, please contact me to request permission. (Once you're using the icon, if you'd like others to know, feel free to leave a comment with a link to your blog, below. Use this code, {a href="InsertYourBlogURLHere"}InsertYourBlogNameHere{/a}, replacing the { and } with <>. )

COPY INSTRUCTIONS To copy the icon to use on your own site, (1) right click an icon image in the size you'd like to use, (2) click Save As to save the image on your own computer, (3) then upload to your site as normal. No hot linking, please!

VEGETABLE HUMOR Why did the tomato blush? Because she saw the salad dressing. (A friend sent this, I couldn't resist!)

MANY THANKS to Elise, Kalyn and Nupur for acting as 'icon consultants'!

FROM THE ARCHIVES See the Recipe Box for the Alphabet of Vegetables, an A - Z of inspiration of ways to your farmers market finds!

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Here in 100px
Hands-on time: 5 minutes
Time to table: 5 minutes
Serves 4

And for readers of A Veggie Venture, when you see the icon in future posts, you'll be reminded of the beautiful vegetables and fruits and other farm products that we're lucky to find at farmers markets.

A Veggie Venture is home of the Veggie Evangelist Alanna Kellogg and vegetable inspiration from Asparagus to Zucchini. © Copyright 2007


I love it! Thank you for sharing!

Adorable. And a great idea.

Really like the icon. Our farmer's market isn't open yet. I think it might open this Saturday though, need to check.

Ohhh Blush is adorable! I have to adopt her, she's pretty hard to resist. :D Great idea and thank you! :)

That's a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing Blush with us. :)

Great idea! I will definitely use it soon.

beautiful picture and concept. thank you, alanna.

Oh I love this Alanna! I'd like to use this in a few precious posts too. Is that OK? I will add this to my sidebar too.

Oh Alanna, I LOVE it!! Thank you soooooo much!!
And thanks for the laugh too with the joke :P

Thanks, Alanna, this is such a sweet gift to the food bloggers! I can't wait to hit Soulard this weekend and start using Ms. Blush :)

This is fab! Thanks for your work--I'll be using it right and left in the next few months :)

Thats a cute icon. Nothing is market fresh than a juicy tomato. Love it!

cute icon and i just LOVE the idea... thank u alanna:)

Great! Thanks for sharing. I will be using it on my blog soon. BTW, great blog, I love it

Just a nitpik, but isn't the logo missing an apostrophe? Farmer's Market or Farmers' Market?

What a wonderful idea! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing this.

This is really a great Idea. I am adding my thanks to all the others.

I love Blush! What a Great idea.

Looking forward to meeting you in Chicago!


All ~ thanks, I'm so glad 'Blush' is a hit and I know some of you (Christine, Bruno, Meeta) have already adopted her as your own, which pleases me to no end! Thank you!

Snowpea ~ I elected not to include an apostrophe, I've lost the linguistic term to describe a two-word phrase that is itself a noun and thus doesn't require punctuation -- but that was the thinking. Thanks for being a good editor and checking, however ~ we couldn't want Blush to get out without clean panties!

Adorable icon! I'll definitely be using this in the future. Thanks!

I would suggest using this icon and linking with it to the USDA government list of farmers markets nationwide to help raise visibility of farmers markets to those who wouldn't normally know about them.

Excellent idea!

Perfect icon. I will use it to talk about items seen at the new Valle Crucis Farmer's Market tucked in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Thank you!

Great idea, and adorable icon! I'll be using it lots!

I'm adopting. This is a fabulous icon and the thing I needed which I didn't know I was looking for...

I just love this icon!!! I am planning on blogging how I use my CSA share this summer...any chance Ms. Blush could also be on a "Fresh from the CSA" or just "Fresh from the Farm" logo in addition to the farmers market one? :)

LizardMama ~ I bet we could make that happen, I did have that thought at one point, just lost it in the excitement, I guess!

Hi there! Thanks so much for creating this icon - it's adorable!! I've gone ahead and used it at my blog Virtual Frolic

I'm also going to keep it on my side bar - thanks again!!

I'll be using it at Sunflowers in my Kitchen this season- our farmer's market opened last weekend!

Fantastic icon! I log on to get down to the farmer's market and finds some scrumptious veggies! Thank you for the brilliant idea and to your helpers for the lovely design.

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I loved this! What a great idea! I would love to add it to my sidebar, but I live in Brazil and would have to translate it and adapt it to local reality.

Please tell me what you think!

What a great idea! Thanks! Wonderful icon.

Thanks so much! I am the manager of a farmers' market in North Carolina, and your lovely graphic has already inspired one outstanding local blogger to use it in her sidebar! Thanks too for the great recipes, which I am more than happy to share, along with your tomato, with visitors to my blog on our website.

I've been gushing about my local farmers' markets since they opened in May and I can't get enough of fresh, local produce these days. When I saw Blush I knew I had to borrow her! I posted some great recipes tonight and Blush is hanging out with them. Thanks for sharing! I'm sure I'll be using her all summer to make my Farmer's Market ramblings visually appealing if nothing else. :o)

Hi Alanna,I pasted in mt sidebar too.Thanks for this.I do shop in the local farmer's market often and love it.

I absolutely love this! I'll see about incorporating this icon in some of my posts. Thanks!ht

Sweet Tomato will be making an appearance on my blog soon. Thanks!

tomatoes on tomatoes:). Count me in! I LOVE farmer's markets!!!! And the folks there are always so helpful with 'how-to' ideas!

Thanks! I used your adorable icon. Check it out:

hi I would like to it in my blog its so nice.. how do i put it?

Hi SMN ~ Just follow the Copy Instructions!

Alanna, I've got Blush up and running! Thank you so much!

Hi Kalyn,
Blush has made it to Australia now, too!

I just posted it on my blog as well as adding you to my blogroll:
Check it out here:

I grew up on an organic farm so I really appreciate this gesture, thanks!

hi Alanna!! first time in your blog and i am really impressed. i wud lke to use "Blush" in my blog.will keep visiting for more:)

What an adorable icon, I will add it to my blog along with a link to Veggie Venture. This will be a good addition to my farmers markets links.


Don't be too surprised if there's a new one for 2008! :-)

can non-bloggers use the icons for avatars? answer!

Anonymous ~ No, non-bloggers may not use the icons for avatars.

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