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How to Roast Garlic ♥ The Recipe & A Planting Reminder

How to roast whole heads of garlic to a deep, dark and luscious creamy paste. Plus, a reminder that October 15th is when we plant garlic in the fall!

Roasted GarlicWhen roasting vegetables, or baking a casserole, or simmering a big pot of soup, I love to throw something else into the oven, too, making efficient use of the energy. More times than not, that 'something else' is a dish of garlic heads. Then for a week, I tuck roasted garlic into everything I cook. No more vampires, garlic breath be **mned!

And did you know that fall -- yes, fall -- is when we plant garlic? If you grow nothing else, it's ever so easy to plant a small garlic crop. It's a start! Check out my How and Why Guide to Growing Garlic. It's an especially fun project with kids, carrying through on the lessons from the summer's herb pots, tomato plants and vegetable gardens.


Hands-on time: 5 minutes
Time to table: 1 hour

Aluminum foil
Olive oil
Kosher salt & pepper
Whole heads of garlic, washed well, especially the area around the root end, enough to fill the baking dish

Preheat oven to 400F. Line a baking dish with foil (enough to both cover the bottom and to fold over the top). Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Slice off the top 1/3 to 1/4 of the stem end of the head of garlic. Rub cut-side down in the oil. Repeat with the remaining heads, filling the dish. Wrap the foil over the top, creating a packet. Roast for 50 - 60 minutes until garlic cloves turn golden to deep brown. Use immediately or cover and store in the refrigerator for use within a week.

How to Use Roasted Garlic: Squeeze a warm clove of roasted garlic onto a slice of buttered bread: ambrosia. After that, throw in a clove or two whenever you're already using garlic, stews, eggs, vegetable dishes, etc. The flavor difference is remarkable!

How do YOU Use Roasted Garlic? Leave an idea in the comments!

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When I asked Kitchen Parade readers about their
~ favorite kitchen tools ~
many mentioned a garlic press!

When I show people
~ how to make salad dressing ~
the first step is to rub the salad bowl with a clove of garlic

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I love roasted garlic!

Can't wait to plant the garlic with the grandkids. They have harvested the summer garden and are excited to know there is more to do.


Love, love, love garlic!!!

mmmm... thanks for reminding me how delicious roasted garlic is. I think for dinner I'm gonna spread this on a fresh loaf of ciabatta :)

I think I'll try this on the weekend. Down here in Louisiana, garlic is tossed in with the crawfish for a boil. I can easily eat an entire head of garlic that way.

I prefer roasted garlic to raw so thanks for the post!

I just planted my garlic yesterday! I'm so excited, I've never grown it before.

Congrats on the new stove!

that roasted garlic looks so good!

We love roasted garlic and make it often! I use a small stoneware lidded baking dish.

I love roasted garlic. In fact, I think I'm going to make some right now! Can't wait for this weather to dry out so I can plant my garlic.

Roasted garlic is one of my favorite things. I put it in omelettes with cottage cheese.

Woohoo, giveaways and veggies all in one happy place!

Mmmmm, I can almost smell that garlic roasting!

tawnya (at)

Thank you for the chance to enter your contest! And, roasted garlic as well...yum!

Roasted garlic truly is amazing. I'm a fan of garlic in all its forms! (Although when I tried garlic ice cream I had to admit that I could live without it.) Roasted garlic is in a class by itself. Sweet and creamy, less sharp and less likely to leave lingering odors. It makes a wonderful spread just by itself. But, adding some to even a store-bought jar of pasta sauce can really make it come alive. YUM!

I love roasted garlic. It's the only way my husband will eat garlic!

sounds great

garlic and giveways.....this is my day :)

mathbook28 at gmail dot com

I've never planted garlic before...happy garlic planting day! One thing I love is smoked garlic....a French specialty. The smell of the garlic skins is heavenly and the flavour is ild and balanced!

Thank you for reminding me to plant my garlic!!!!! LOVE IT!

mmmmmmmm - roasted garlic is the most wonderful smell & taste. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

There's a local restaurant that serves roasted garlic every autumn- it's one of my favorites. I must try this!

I've never grown garlic, but I'm about to plant some fall veggies so it might be time to start!

Oh, yum! I hope to have a garden next year and garlic will be one of the things I grow!

Thanks for demystifying the garlic-roasting process! I love the way you can just squeeze out the garlic when it's ready.

I recently roasted garlic for soup by putting cloves of garlic in olive oil and roasting at 400 degrees for about 8 minutes. I popped the garlic cloves into the soup, and then used the garlic-infused oil over the next week or so in stir fries, etc. Delicious!

Hmmmm, usually I can't do garlic because of reflux, but it sounds like roasted garlic is more mild. I may just have to try it some time. At the very least, my dh can enjoy it!

Roasted garlic is divine!

Oooh, I used to grow garlic. I need to find someone locally who makes those lovely braids of it again!

Thanks for the reminder on planting garlic! Really want to do that this year.

YUM! I put garlic in everything.

My mum brought me a clay garlic roaster one year--sure it isn't essential, but it is fun having this little roaster just for the garlic!

I must roast some garlic now...that looks so good. I swear I can smell it :)

I love it on toasted Italian bread

can you freeze or otherwise preserve the garlic once it is roasted? I worry that I would not use it fast enough...

Gudrun ~ I suppose you could freeze roasted garlic. But I had no trouble using it up. And you could always just roast a single head ...

Can't live without garlic.

I love any kind of roasted veggies, but my first to ever roast and still my favorite is roasted garlic. Of course, rub it on bread, still one of the best, but I like to use it on homemade pizza. Drizzle the shell with a little olive oil, then smear garlic over the entire thing. Put whatever toppings you like on, then bake. The smell of the garlic is amazing, but the taste on the pizza is heavenly!

does this count as the comment for the giveaway entry?

Roasted garlic makes the BEST hummus!

Question: how do you store the garlic once it's roasted, and how long is its shelf (refrigerator) life?

I love vegetable recipes. . .*sighing happily*

I have frozen roasted garlic-it works great for me! When I harvest my garlic in late spring I usually have so much that I roast 2/3 of the crop and freeze it, then use the remainder fresh.

I spread the roasted cloves out on a tray in the freezer, then gather them all up in a zip top plastic freezer bag. That way I can put just a clove or two in everything-it 'melts' into whatever I put it into.

I planted garlic and onion sets last week!

***Anyone wanting to store it****

Keep it in a tightly sealed container submerged in oil in the fridge. It will last longer and you will have a garlic flavored oil too!

Love it, love it, love it - roasted garlic is DELISH! I use it in anything where I want a garlic flavor but not the "green" sharp flavor that fresh offers. I add it to soup, use it to make garlic bread, puree it with fat free half and half to make light alfredo sauce, mix it into salsa, and dump a big mess of it over cream cheese for the world's easiest and most yummy instant appetizer. And our number one favorite thing to do with it is just eat it on warm bread!

Thanks for the reminder!

That is such a great idea to throw the garlic in with other items in the oven. I always think about roasted garlic as I'm making something, and by then I don't have time! This way I'll always have it around. Thanks!

I adore roasted garlic but I don't go to all that trouble. I just stick it on a pan roast and pop.

Garlic is supposed to be good for immune systems! Great timing for flu season!

Yum! My mom used to make this, and we'd spread it on crusty Franch bread. Can't wait to try it myself....

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