Arugula Salad with Smoked Trout & Peach Preserve Dressing ♥

Zip, zip, smoked trout!Day One: Christine from My Plate or Yours raved about a smoked mullet dip. We bantered back and forth a bit on e-mail.

Day Two 7 am: Arggh. I was, um, hooked. I woke up wanting smoked fish dip NOW. (For breakfast, Alanna?)

Day Two 11am: A client's husband was off to fetch fish from Bob's Seafood [for St. Louisans, the best (and in my opinion, only) place to buy fresh fish in St. Louis] for their supper. When I asked if he'd mind buying smoked fish for me, he and my client answered, nearly simultaneously, "Oh, you need a smoker." Now he's an accomplished foodie and she's a chef so I trust their judgments nearly without question. An hour later, he'd picked up the fish, he'd picked up a smoker -- and she'd given me a lesson in hot-smoking shrimp, scallops and trout!

And this stuff is heaven! I'm looking forward to learning more about the stovetop smoker -- including, with any luck, some vegetables. More on that, later. (Update: My first foray with smoker at home turned out beautifully, just scallops and shrimp and OH SO EASY.)

In the mean time, the sauce the client recommended for the trout turned out to be a delicious oil-free dressing on arugula -- snipped fresh from the client's home garden. Yes, indeed, this is a client with 'fringe benefits'! Thank you, Anne, thank you, Tom! And Christine, you, for the inspiration that started this odyssey!

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Hands-on time: 10 minutes?
Time to table: 10 minutes?
Serves as many as needed

Peach preserves
Dijon mustard
Salt & pepper to taste

Mix to taste.

Smoked trout
Add Ons: Dried fruit, bits of cheese, warm goat-cheese rounds

Wash arugula well and let dry. Toss with dressing and top with smoked trout.

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This sounds wonderful, Alanna! I absolutely love smoked fish dip but have never tried to make it myself, now you have me craving it! (for breakfast, yes!)


Lovely, lovely, lovely. Is there any left for me?

I got really excited about the idea of a stove top smoker until I saw that you can't put it on top of glass top stoves. Unfortunately until a kitchen makeover, that's what I am stuck with.
Looks wonderful!

I just bought smoked trout for Jeff (so I won't be making it myself) and will have to try this recipe. He'll love it! Thanks!

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