King Hill Farms Simple & Sublime Beets ♥

My favorite way to truly savor that first hot beet.

From the size of the collection of beet recipes alone, it'll come as no surprise that there's a special spot in my palate for beets. But this recipe (if you can call something so supremely simple such) has changed my beet-cooking habits forever.

You see, I always cook a big pot of beets or roast a few beets, usually while busy in the kitchen with supper but never intending to eat them til the next day or later.

Now, forever more, as soon as they're cooked, I shall slice one warm beet, sprinkle the slices with good salt and sweet paprika, dab them with butter. Then I'll sit, better to observe the paprika and beet juice swirl orange-magenta with golden whorls of butter; then, only then, will I sllllooooowwwwwlllllllllly savor every bite.

Many thanks to Kathy Manson from King Hill Farms in Brunswick, Missouri whose family custom harvests Missouri's native pecans, for sharing this simple, sublime way to enjoy fresh beets. I can't wait to meet in person!!


Hands-on time: once the beets are cooked or roasted, 5 minutes
Serves 1

1 just-cooked, still hot beet, peeled and sliced (how to cook beets? check here for methods)
Good salt ~ I used fleur de sel
Sweet Hungarian paprika
Unsalted butter ~ a teaspoon is plenty

Arrange the slices on a white plate (any color will do but white shows off the swirls of yellow and magenta and orange that will collect). Sprinkle slices with salt and paprika. Dab with butter. Slowly ~ slowly ~ slowly savor every bite to enjoy.

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Now that's my kind of beets!

I love beets, but have never thought of combining them with Hungarian paprika. Thanks for the intriguing idea, Alanna!

I have a new found love for beets, this looks like one to try!

Oh my stars and garters - these were SO GOOD! Beets are something I've come to late in life - my mom hates them, I had literally never eaten one in my life until I found this great little Italian restaurant in college. Their big bowl of salad for the table comes topped with exactly 4 slices of canned beet. Now I cook beets regularly, and eat several cans of beets on my salads every week.

I made these and the Winter Stew with venison and butternut squash. I ate three entire beets by myself, and barely had room for any stew.

BTW, in my area, I get the best beets for the best price at Target. Weird, I know.

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